Attending one of Carl's Enneagram Workshops, and "coming to type" as a result, has been one of the most freeing experiences in my life.  I would recommend Carl and his expertise to anyone interested in increased self-knowledge and acceptance. In addition, the Enneagram provides an excellent tool to help us understand how to improve the quality of all of our relationships.

Micki Sinclair, R.N.

Hi Carl,

Thanks so much for giving the workshop yesterday. I loved the humor, sensitivity and knowledge you brought to us. You are a gifted presenter...interesting and fun. I love the information and will continue to read on the enneagram and hope to see you at another workshop. Once again, thanks so much. I will be giving a client that is out of money a couple of sessions as my pay it forward.

Candace McWhorter


Dear Carl,

I write to say thanks and to commend you.  As a social worker and a person focused on self-improvement, I've attending many, many trainings.  You stand out as a workshop leader.  You masterfully set a safe container through vocalizing expectations, guidelines, timelines, and agenda and then proceeded to be your fun, witty self which brought much lightness into a serious and information-rich training.  You graciously received and responded to all questions, even the ones which required a momentary shift into advanced-training mode, and then gently yet directly brought us back to the training at hand.

Despite my quandary about my own place on the enneagram, I came away from yesterday's workshop with a much greater appreciation for the depth and breadth of the enneagram, a system which offers a unique addition to traditional social work or psychological knowledge about personality and relationships.

With gratitude, Bob Morse


Thank you again Carl for a wonderful day yesterday. You teach with a beautiful combination of wisdom, humor, and compassion. I appreciate the spiritual form in which you hold the work. Hoping to participate in more with you.

Much love ,
Alaya Mudita Ketani


Hi Carl,

Just wanted to say thanx for the workshop, your enthusiasm and knowledge. The time really did pass quickly and was interesting throughout. I also appreciate the “pay it forward” approach, and I will come up with something out of my everyday doings to hold up my part of the bargain. It would be fun and interesting to know what some of the other participants choose to do, and might inspire others in ways they hadn’t thought of. Anyway, thanx so much and best to you.

--Claudia Mansfield, Hair Stylist


Hi Carl,

   I enjoyed the workshop last Saturday very much.  It was useful, relevant and fun.  I got a lot out of the type panels that you did as the last part of the day, and have come away with much useful insight about myself.  My book club was so inspired by the concepts that we decided to each read an enneagram book of our choice to discuss at our meeting next June...

Karen Scheer
Ashland, Oregon


Carl, thank you for a really wonderful workshop today. You are a terrific facilitator. I was so impressed with your poise, professionalism and polish. You brought the Enneagram to life! Your presentation gave me a deeper insight into this system and answered some questions that I have long had regarding the Enneagram. Thank you for a really meaningful and enriching day!

In Gassho,

Sherry L. Ackerman, Ph.D.
College of the Siskiyous, Mt. Shasta, CA
Philosophy & Psychology


Carl, I enjoyed your class and will continue to learn more about the enneagram.  Please keep me on your list and let me know if you do teach a class at SOU next Fall.  I loved your teaching style and enjoyed the energy of the presentation.  I wanted to let you know that my pay it forward is helping a young couple that just returned from Iraq (her) and Afghanistan (him) learn how to better parent their four year old son.  I was approached by their therapist and accepted immediately when I remembered that I needed to do a pay it forward.  Thank you for your loving kindness and inspiration.

Cindy Darnell


Carl is brilliant !  His command of the Enneagram, as well his historical, poetic and transpersonal references are often quite impressive and inspiring. Best of all, his heart is as deep and wide as his genius.

Danielle Light


Carl is a master of making the Enneagram not only understandable for the non-adept layman, but fun as well.  In these times, when so many people on the spiritual path want to bypass their “emotional issues," he shows how to integrate spirituality into daily life, which is where mastery takes place. 

Peter Mt. Shasta, author of Adventures of a Western Mystic

I have had the wonderful opportunity to participate in Carl's Enneagram Workshops three times, and when my busy Type 3 schedule permits I will go again and again and again!  Carl's intuition, excellent gift of teaching, and loving presence are all ingredients that have helped me understand my family, friends, and clients with a whole new perspective. The level of acceptance has expanded my compassion and my ability to engage deeper, along with allowing a total freedom of expression without judgement.  I am deeply grateful for Carl's profound listening and organizational skills, and his ability to make it all "make sense".

Graell Corsini
Owner and Creative Director
The Flying Lotus Movement Center
Mt. Shasta, CA

“I read my first book on the Enneagram about ten years ago and I was quite taken with the nine personality types, and how the information could bring more joy into my life (spoken like a true Type Seven!)  Carl’s Enneagram presentation made the teachings come alive in a way that no book could ever match.  Thank you Carl for your intelligence and compassion!”

-Stephanie Hoffman, M.S.
Mount Shasta, CA

"I have known Carl since he and I were were both members of the Findhorn Foundation in the 1980's.  He is a person of the utmost integrity, both in his own life and in the way in which he embodies and communicates spiritual understanding to others.  I would go as far as to say he is one of the most knowledgeable people I have ever had the good fortune to meet.  As far as the Enneagram is concerned, not only does he know this wonderful system backwards and forwards, but his particular gifts are to be able to share it within the context of the students' own maps of understanding, and to be able to explain the cross-overs and connections with other esoteric systems and religious beliefs.  If you want to be given an in-depth understanding of the Enneagram and also to fully grasp its significance in your own life, then I have no hesitation in saying that Carl is your man.  You will, of course, get more than you bargained for!"

Ian McPherson,
Lawyer & Politician,
Sedbergh, England

Recently, I attended an Enneagram workshop on coping with stress taught by Carl in Ashland.  I feel that his innovative idea for a "Pay It Forward" type workshop paid off big time, for him, as well as for all of the participants.  It seemed to me that all of us, including Carl, were much more relaxed, happy and present than in most personal growth workshops.  Carl was extremely well-organized and his teaching was awesome!  It was obvious that he has extensive knowledge of the Enneagram, for he rarely looked at notes, his words flowed easily the transparencies were clear and to the point, and his sense of humor was extremely delightful and contributed greatly to our ability to grasp what he was conveying to us.  He has an ability to clearly explain his points by drawing upon his extensive knowledge of many other fields besides the Enneagram, such as movies, music, politics, etc.  Such references also helped to make the workshop enjoyable and the subject fascinating.  In short, I highly recommend that anyone take advantage of any opportunity to take an Enneagram workshop from Carl.